How to setup a webmail account in gmail

If you have a webmail account, you may find that it’s easier to operate it from Gmail rather than using a basic webmail system like SquirrelMail.  That way, you get all the functionality of Gmail, and you don’t need to login to numerous accounts.

Here’s what to do.setup webmail in gmail

You need to add your email address to an existing gmail account, or create a new gmail account if you don’t have one already.  You can do that here:

Once you’ve done that:

Log into your gmail account.
Click the dropdown on the circular icon on the right and select Settings
Click on the tab Account and Import
Part way down the list is an option to Check email from other accounts – under here click “add a POP3 Mail account you own
Enter your new email address and click Next Step
Enter username and password.  Username is and the password is your webmail password.  The POP3 server will be and the port should be already entered.
Check Label incoming messages
Click the button Add Account
Click Yes I want to send mail as
Next Step
Name: however you want to appear, eg John Smith
Do not tick the box for Treat as an alias if you want to keep your identity separate on the new account.
Send through Gmail
Click Send Verification

Complete the verification by logging into your webmail account:

Login with your username and password.

You’ll have received an email with a verification code.   Copy this.  Then go back to your box and enter the code.

(If you don’t receive the email, you need to go back to your Gmail settings and click Delete next to every instance of where your new email address is deleted.  Then start the process again.  It should then work the second time).

You’ll then see your new email address appear on the left hand of your Gmail a few folders under the Inbox.


NB: If you have to hover near the Chat box to see it, and find this annoying, you can get rid of the Chat by going to the cog on the top right of Gmail – select Settings and the Chat tab.  Next to Chat select the option for Chat off.