Website Costs

Website Costs

The costs below show all aspects for the website, and you can add as many features as you want.  Services marked with * are mandatory.  If you have a strict budget, the table shows what you can expect to get for your money.

Service Details Cost 
*Basic Website Includes template with up to 6 pages, home page with widgets to improve appearance, plugins to improve website performance, photo editing, plugins to help you get found by search engines, simple banner (header). £200 
*URL purchase and administration By the URL – cost for one year £7.00
*Hosting Varies depending on your needs, such as how much disk space and how many email addresses.  Purchased with external service provider. Annual fee of either:£52



*Hosting administration Pointing the URL to the server where your website is hosted £25
Banner For a specialised banner at the top, the rate is variable depending on your needs.  We may need to outsource a graphic designer if you need a logo. variable
Extras on website For example:Timetable

Events page




Price table


Special fonts

£25 per hour
Photo costs Provide photos yourselfProvided by Nutshell Free (plus cost of editing)From £6 per photo
Photo editing Where required £2 per photo
Revisions and amendments Further to the original outline of the website £25 per hour
Communications Meetings £25 per hour



Once the website is Completed:

Training If you want to take control of your website, you’ll need a training session.  This includes documentation you can refer to.  Usually clients need one or two hours of training. Document  £25Training £25 per hour
Website support You can choose to manage your own website or ask us to update it when necessary. £25 per month for up to 3 hours of changes, or:£25 voucher for one hour’s support
Technical Support Should anything unexpected go wrong with your website, we will make sure it’s up and running quickly. £15 per month