Website Design

Nutshell Website Design, Redhill

Our 5 Step Plan to build you a great website that will attract new customers.

1. Choose a URL.

The URL makes a difference to getting found online.  It can reflect your name, or the service you provide.  The latter helps people find you who don’t know that you exist.  One of the services we provide is helping you decide on your URL based on what people are searching for on Google.

2. Select a Template

You can choose the look and feel of your website from a list of over 50 templates.  You can then choose your own colours and personalise the design, so you end up with your own unique website.

3.  Get a Logo or Banner

If you don’t already have a logo, you may wish to get one designed.  We work with designers to help you find one that will suit your business and your website, at competitive rates.  If you want to save on expense, we can design an attractive banner for your website, which will reduce your costs.

4.  Write the Content

You can either write your own content for your website, or we can help you do this with our Copywriting Service.  Good content helps you get better rankings on Google search engines.  You can start off with the basics and add to the content when you have time.

5.  Grow your Business

When we create your website, it’s built with SEO features to help it gain rankings in Google.  The longer your website exists, and the more it’s updated, the more it will drive traffic to your site.