what is search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation means making sure that your website will be found by online search engines.  The main search engine that needs to find you is Google.

There are a number of ways to rank well in Google with the words and phrases that your customers are using as search terms:

1. choose the right URL.  If your key words are contained within your URL, it helps you rank higher in Google.

2. fill your website with good, useful content.

3. include pages on specific products or services with information that will benefit your readers.

4. create a google local account which links to your website.

5. use a sitemap to create an index for your site which Google can reference.

Nutshell websites are built on a system called WordPress, which is good for getting you found in Google.  If you tell us which words and phrases your customers are looking for, we will incorporate them into your website.